1. General provisions

    1.1. Add a business card in BiCards-catalog can any Russian-Speaking user, spreading services in Colorado.

    1.2. Adding to the catalog is free of charge. Adding a card free means to create an account with the name of service, load one business card image, a brief description and fill information table.

    1.3. To add your service in BiCards catalog you will need to scan/take a picture of a business card and send it to our e-mail: . Image/photo size must be at least 700x400 px. Image should be accompanied by a brief description of Services, no more than 300 characters, including punctuation marks and spaces, in Russian and English languages. The final stage is an information table to fill a need:

    - name of the representative;

    - phone number;

    - e-mail address;

    - office adress;

    - web site;

    - working hours.

    1.4. All the information sent has to comply with the website structure.

    1.5. Website is multilingual, so the provision of information on Russian and English languages is welcome.

    1.6. In case of necessary to add more images/photos, add additional items in the Information table style change descriptions and other changes, please contact us by e-mail: , or use the Feedback form.

2. Primary rules

    2.1. Website is designed to seek information you need in human services that’s why the accuracy of the information with the addition of Service Catalog is extremely important.

    2.2. Services that are contrary to US law can not be published.

    2.3. All information on the website is presented in Russian and English languages.

    2.4. Publishing services carried out in the case of compliance with these Rules, in turn order, without a clear time frame.

    2.5. The Site Administration reserves the right to modify, delete or refuse the free publication services, without giving a reason.